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Introducing Contactless Social Distancing Delivery Robots Fighting Against COVID 19

Introducing contactless social distancing delivery robots for hospitals&quarantine zones, shopping malls, gated communities and other related scenarios. These robots are deployed to deliver food, medicines and goods to isolation wards after receiving directions from remote operators. HelloWorld Robotics is launching Project CARE to gather businesses and investors such as sanitizer suppliers, food deliver platforms, hospitals and gated communities managing teams to push contactless delivery forward together by providing autonomous delivery and disinfection services.

A lot of people are a bit confused about "robotic contactless delivery". Delivery robots cover the process between two people meeting up to pass the food or the thing. It's not just saving the time and cost but also minimizing the risk of cross-infection from human contact. The less people you contact the better. Some people may say we can all become riders to deliver things and this is how virus will keep spreading again because people start contacting more when the number of riders reach a certain value.

About a few weeks ago, I shared on my personal Facebook about how robots being used and deployed in China to help and assist the frontier people such as delivery riders and hospital nurses to reduce their work payload and increase their safety. Due to the contagiousness of COVID-19 is getting serious in Malaysia and Singapore, it’s a lot safer if human-to-human contact is minimized. I have always been "forcing" my friends and family to use e-wallet and food delivery every time I traveled back to Malaysia from China and now finally they understand why I have been so "stubborn" on this. After this crisis, Malaysian people will finally change their habit to order food and use e-wallet. This outbreak may hurt our economy real bad but it does evolve a few industries in some way.

Why robotic delivery service? Because robots are immune to infection. Some may ask there are delivery riders, but due to this serious situation and the growth of food delivery sales and orders, they have to cancel and postpone the delivery orders because lack of manpower and also their own safety.

COVID 19 is actually speeding the adoption of autonomous delivery technology, HelloWorld Robotics is rolling out robots to help fight it and provide services and care to those quarantined or practicing social distancing. This pandemic has fast-tracked the "testing" of robots in public as officials seek out the most expedient and safe way to grapple with the outbreak and limit contamination and spread of the virus. Moreover, although these robots are self-driving machines, they can also be controlled remotely, thereby saving manpower by reducing patrolling responsibilities and preventing cross-infection.

During the COVID 19 outbreak, HelloWorld Robotics will be mainly concentrating on deploying robots to provide contact-less delivery and sanitizing services not only to bring down the labor cost but also to reduce the risk of COVID 19, to avoid human-human contact and to prevent cross-infection fighting against COVID 19. Any use cases and projects related to COVID 19 will be our first priority. Malaysia and Singapore are the only two countries we will be currently serving now.

CARE Series D(Delivery) – TARS

TARS is the first autonomous delivery robots for outdoor in SEA and it will provide delivery service in most outdoor scenarios such as factories, airports, closed-communities, university campuses and Cyberjaya regions.

CARE Series D(Delivery) – CASE

CASE is the autonomous delivery robots for indoor lately designed and built by HelloWorld Robotics to cover the indoor delivery scenarios such as hospitals, shopping malls, airports and closed-communities.

CARE Series D(Disinfection) – DASH

DASH is a general mobile robot platform for R&D which can be added lots of different applications on top based on the platform. HelloWorld Robotics will be mainly using this platform to provide disinfection services for both indoor and outdoor use with very low noise level. Fine Mist with controllable spraying volume. Corrosion-resistant dual-nozzle design for more efficient spraying.

HelloWorld Robotics will be operating remotely(factory in China) as usual during MCO period. For POC projects and business inquiries, please contact and browse for more details to save the earth by deploying autonomous robots! God bless Malaysia and Singapore👊🏻🇲🇾🇸🇬

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