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The First Autonomous Test Ground for Self-driving Robots and Cars in Malaysia!

Recently Futurise, a subsidiary of Cyberview Sdn Bhd under the Ministry of Finance (MOF), has revealed that the Cyberjaya MyAV Testing Route has been approved for use by the Ministry of Transportation (MOT) and the Sepang Municipal Council. The route is developed by the company, together with MOT under the National Regulatory Sandbox Initiative for the future development of autonomous vehicle projects.

"Futurise is proud to announce that the Cyberjaya MyAV Testing Route that was developed together with Ministry of Transport (MOT) under the National Regulatory Sandbox initiative for the future development of autonomous vehicle project has been approved! Watch this space for more exciting news. "

We are expected to see more AVs and self-driving delivery robots like TARS to be operating within the selected regions legally and this will definitely be pushing the autonomous industry forward in Malaysia as Cyberjaya becomes the first city to give the permits.

TARS, the first autonomous last mile delivery robot in Malaysia.

In China, there are many cities started to allow self-driving robots and cars to be tested and these cities operate the purpose-built proving ground for testing the performance and safety of connected and automated vehicles and technologies under controlled and realistic conditions.

Apollo Park, the facility is claimed to be spread across 13,500 square meters in Beijing's Yizhuang Economic Development Zone.


During the test, all dynamic and static objects, such as the autonomous vehicle under test and surrounding vehicles that represent the criticality of a defined scenario, are connected by a low latency data connection. The surrounding vehicles must be able to dynamically adjust their trajectory according to the applied strategy of the vehicle under test, as modern AV functions might display non-deterministic behaviors.


Whether we are developing vehicles with AV functions; integrating your camera, LIDAR or radar-based platform; or need your sensor models verified, autonomous vehicle testing in a real-world environment is necessary. This is because it not only provides proof of the autonomous vehicle’s safety but instils trust and acceptance in the end-user that self-driving cars are safe to use on public roads. However, the verification of automated driving functions using critical and representative testing scenarios is complex and demanding as it requires a safe, fully synchronized and controlled proving ground test environment.

According to Cyberview Head of Business, City and Communications, Roni Shah Mustapha, these type of mobility can serve as the first and last-mile connectivity in Cyberjaya. He added that they are also talking to several players on having autonomous buses to be tested in the area as well as provisioning electric buses that can be operated cheaply. These modes of mobility could help connect more people to the Cyberjaya City Centre MRT station that’s expected to open in 2022.

TARS, the first last mile delivery robot in Malaysia and Southeast Asia, designed and built by HelloWorld Robotics to provide on-demand last mile delivery service.


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