The First Autonomous Self-Driving Delivery Robot in Singapore&Malaysia

We are currently under Cyberview’s Living Lab Pilot Program to deliver food to MaGIC Campus buildings within 2km distance coverage.




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Deliveries Made

TARS - The Self Driving Delivery Robot.

Our autonomous robots are built to solve the last mile delivery problem. We are the first outdoor autonomous robotics startup in SEA/Malaysia and also the first in the world to provide a fully autonomous last mile delivery solution combining safe-drop and robots. We consider ourselves “ first mover in ASEAN deep tech development”.


TARS robot travels up to 40km from a single charge with a normal payload of 20-25kg. 


GOAL: Reducing The Delivery Cost to $1


Chances are that robots will assist and help in the next following years on boring repetitive delivery tasks. They are replacing humans and vehicles that may be doing those last one or two miles with autonomous robots. Our final goal is to reduce the delivery fee to $1.


Working 24/7 ? TARS won't be complaining.


Robots can be arranged by an intelligent systems with written algorithms which can effectively deploy the nearest robot to deliver anytime and the robot will unload into the secured safe box no matter how late the consumers come back, they will still get the delivery.


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