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The Most Affordable ROS Training Course in Malaysia for Offline Sessions

About Offline Courses


The differences between online and offline courses are about using the real robots during courses and physical meetings to avoid any internet connection issues. This mode will allow trainees to absorb the course materials a lot faster and solve their own Ubuntu, ROS and simulation issues way faster.

5 main features of our ROS Training Course to provide:

a) ROS is a popular robotic development platform

Develop with the most popular robotic development platform in the world. Robot Operation System to make your robotics applications easily without reinventing the wheels!

b) HelloWorld Robotics designed General Mobile Base(GMR) and exercises as the teaching materials.

Understand how ROS being applied in real robots and the basics of how mobile robot works to make you know more about the real world use cases and the industry without just theories!

c) Senior robot development engineer as the lecturer

Our trainer Kennedy has more than 4 years of ROS development in service robots such as hotel, restaurant and last mile delivery robots.

d) Code development during course

We will spend 50% of the time on theories and 50% on exercises to train you with Linux and Python basics and ROS programming.

e) 1 on 1 online private tutoring sessions before and after the course

This course also includes 1 on 1 pre-training session for 30mins to understand the trainee more on programming levels and another 1.5hrs post-session for each trainee after participating the course.



It would be good if you know how to program in C++ or Python. Also, you need to be comfortable using the Linux shell. Those two are mandatory! The course will be fully taught in Python but we will still recommend you start learning how the Linux shell works and then move on to learning how to code in C++ since it's still the mainstream to achieve robotics algorithms in C++. If you have programming skills in PHP, Java or Swift, C++ and Python will be the next programming language syntax for you to get familiar with!

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Current On-sale Training Course
(Offline Training Course)


"I have learned in two days working with Kennedy, our trainer throughout the exhausted and intensive training course than 1 year self-learning!"


"Kennedy showed us how to take a shortcut to learn ROS and went through all the basics of Linux, C++, ROS programming languages and mobile robots in 2 days."


"I came here to learn about the basics of ROS but it turned out I have learned more than just ROS but also the real world use-cases and how ROS is being used on real robots after playing around with the robot developed by HelloWorld Robotics. I have also learned a lot about mobile robots basics although I wanted to learn about ROS on robotic arms."


"Me and my partner Barry came here to learn about ROS for the first time and after nearly 20hrs on doing exercises, theories and practices with ROS programming, I found that the way Kennedy trained us was very hardcore but also useful at the same time."


"This is my first time learning ROS and C++ in linux, Kennedy taught us not only the basics of ROS and C++ programming but also the requirements of how to build a differential drive mobile robot!"


The Most Affordable Mobile Robot Platform for ROS

DASH is the official standard platform of ROS. It based on TAR's mobile module and is optimized for utilizing various R&D environment. Get DASH at a reasonable price, and enjoy your terrific outcome for research!

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