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The Most Affordable ROS Training Course in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore & Southeast Asian Countries

About ROS Training Courses


COVID-19 has been changing our lifestyles and autonomous robots are gradually becoming one of them. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all of our in-person social interactions have been reduced. Robotics becomes one of the hottest topics and subjects for students and frontier technology developers. ROS is a robotic middleware which offers a collection of packages for commonly used functionality, low level control, hardware abstraction and message passing. 

ROS is all you need to transition from a hobbyist to a professional developer in the robotics domain! ROS is currently being used by hundreds of universities and tech start-ups around the world. 

ROS powers a huge number of wheeled mobile robots, manipulators, aerial vehicles and much more! Basically, any kind of robot can be integrated to run with ROS. Research & Development is not the only place where ROS plays a major role. In real products, ROS has been successfully deployed in hundreds of robots. The current list of companies using ROS includes major players like Segway, ABB, Clearpath Robotics etc. and is growing every day!

This course covers the basics of ROS. It introduces you to the world of professional robotics programming! You will learn the tools and services that the ROS ecosystem offers in a structured and power-packed manner. If you master the content presented in this course, there is nothing to stop you from learning to program and use ANY robot that runs the ROS core libraries. It can be integrated with popular computer vision libraries like OpenCV and Deep Learning frameworks like Tensorflow, Caffe, perception library like PCL and motion planning library like MoveIt!

Here are some advantages about our ROS training courses and why Python developers should learn ROS when they want to expand into autonomous robots, drones and self-driving cars:

a) ROS is a popular robotic development platform
b) Senior robot development engineer as the lecturer
c) Python code development for simulated autonomous robots during course
d) 1 on 1 online private tutoring sessions before and after the course
e) Small group of limited number of trainees up to 5 only


Participating in either one of our online private training or offline courses will get a 20% voucher code for our upcoming advanced ROS courses such as ROS 2.0, ROS Navigation, Raspberry Pi 4B/Nvidia Jetson boards on ROS robots, outdoor self-driving and many more to be announced later in the future! We now already have trainees from Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia!


We have both Offline(Malaysia only) and
Online courses for you.

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