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Embedded Systems Engineer (Firmware Engineer) – Full Time

Do you like working on something from scratch? Is problem solving through teamwork in your DNA? Do you like the idea of seeing how your work impacts the bigger picture? Answer yes to any of these and you’ll fit right in here at HelloWorld Robotics. We are a smart team of doers that work passionately to apply cutting edge advances in robotics and software to solve current
last mile delivery’s issues with building autonomous ground-based delivery robots. At HelloWorld Robotics, we will give you the tools and support you need to invent with us in ways that are rewarding, fulfilling and fun.


We are an emerging leader in the development of outdoor navigation software that enables autonomous driving of robotic vehicles and you will help bring this navigation software to the next level. Using your knowledge of both perception and navigation systems, you will improve how our delivery robots localize within an outdoor environment and how they navigate through challenging terrain. You will work to evaluate and implement the state of the art in relevant algorithms and apply these in practical ways for our customers. Additionally, you would probably have fun driving our robots around outside, always striving to make our systems more robust. Through your work, you will be enabling the use of robotics to make last mile delivery
smarter, cheaper and safer.


As an Embedded Software Engineer (Firmware Engineer), you will participate in a cross-functional design team and perform system level design of microcontroller-based modules in our delivery robots and other relevant tasks in robotics. You will also get involved with real world testing in outdoors.


Office Location:
Sunway Velocity Designer Office, Jalan Peel 18, Lingkaran SV2, 55100 Kuala Lumpur

  • 5-min walk from MRT Cochrane Station (Linked bridge/walkway cover)

  • 10-min walk from MRT/LRT Maluri Station (Linked bridge/walkway cover)

  • Free gymnasium

  • Free swimming pool

  • Malls and restaurants connected


Key Responsibilities: 
As an Embedded Software Engineer (Firmware Engineer), a typical day might include the following:

  • Keep up to date with the latest research/technologies in the fields of autonomous driving.

  • Write highly reliable C/C++ code which runs in HelloWorld Robotics TARS delivery robot and communicates with sensors and embedded controllers enabling autonomous driving decisions.

  • Create robust innovative solutions to the self-driving mobilities for outdoor environments.

  • Design, development, testing and support of firmware/embedded software applications for microcontroller based robotic systems.

  • Develop software communication protocols for robotic systems

  • Develop safety requirements in document form/implementation/test requirements

  • Drive technology/development projects in all phrases from specification to release

  • Read or understand electronics schematic and system design

  • Work closely with cross functional teams to ensure project delivery on time

  • Define and create product software specification including software architecture, feature descriptions and applications notes of the system

  • Research technical issues and/or opportunities and provide recommendations

  • Test and review software for reliability/performance


Basic Requirements:

  • Legally eligible to work in Malaysia

  • At least 1-year relevant work experience

  • Proficient English level

  • BS/MS/PhD in Electronic/Electrical/Computer Engineering/Computer Science, Software

  • Engineering or related fields or the equivalent in experience and evidence of exceptional ability

  • Experience with Arm, Cortex based microcontroller is required

  • Strong Knowledge of the communication transport protocol like I2C, SPI, UART and USB

  • Excellent teamwork/communication skills

  • Excellent software development skills in C++ & C.

  • Ability to independently develop software development plans, including timelines and test procedures

  • Comfortable developing with Linux Ubuntu & Git.

  • Enthusiasm to take on new challenges and learn new skills.


Recommended/Good to have:

  • Experience writing efficient, high-performance code

  • Familiarity with DSP programming is an added advantage

  • Chinese Mandarin (Able to communicate with Mainland Chinese engineers and read technical documents)

  • Experience with Git and other software development processes

  • Contributions to open source projects

  • Experience with the control of differential drive and Ackermann ground vehicles

  • Understanding of sensors and their error models, particularly laser rangefinders, GPS systems, IMUs, and vision systems

  • Ability to diagnose broken robots by their sounds and smells

  • Organizational and project management skills

Employee Benefits & Perks

  • SOCSO, EIS and EPF

  • Sick leaves, annual leaves

  • Free snacks

  • Free accommodation

  • Free company’s training


Why HelloWorld Robotics? What can we offer you?

As your career progresses, we commit to develop and advance your career. We aim to put together personalized training for every employee through a blend of training that includes: 

  • Fast and high growth potentiality

  • Working with cutting edge technology in the field of autonomous delivery robotics

  • humble and hardworking

  • Getting a competitive salary, with employee stock option plan

  • Straight-forward without hierarchical organizational structure

  • Young generations thinking with creative operations

  • Streamlined and focused

  • Opportunities for interns and fresh graduates to experience on real robots

  • Competitive compensation package

  • Transforming how deliveries are done

  • Working in a culture formed by hardcore entrepreneurial spirits, who are both direct, 


At HelloWorld Robotics, we are committed to building and supporting a culture of diversity, inclusion, and accessibility. We hire the best talent regardless of race, color, creed, national origin, ancestry, disability, marital status, age, veteran status, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, and expression.

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