Cyberview Living Lab Pilot Test Program
First Outdoor Self-driving Test at CIMC Dongguan
MaGIC GAP Cohort 4 Shortlisted Startup
First Robotic Last Mile Delivery Service in SEA

Revolutionizing Your Customer Experience.


COVID-19 has increased the demand of last mile delivery and delivery robots. If you are an existing e-commerce platform, startups, restaurant/grocery owners, dispatch company looking to take your customer experience onto the next level, we would love to collaborate with you on using our robots commercially.


A New Kind of Business.


We all know buying and selling properties and relying on oil and gas will not make us, Malaysians a smart nation. Also, most of the factories/businesses in Malaysia are still using the technology from Industry 2.0. 


We have our own design technology to build autonomous robots and we are pleased to announce that we are now available to outsource our core software consisting of a Robot Base, Four-Wheel Independent Control, Multi-sensor Fusion Model and Autonomous Driving to other interested Malaysian companies to pave their way towards Industry 4.0.

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