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We Design and Build Autonomous Delivery Network & Infrastructure for Last Mile with Self-driving Robots! 

The Most Affordable & Competitive
Autonomous Driving Delivery Solution
for Indoors & Outdoors



Certified by Malaysia's Largest Autonomous Driving Test Ground

TARS - The Self-driving Last Mile Delivery Robots


L4 Autonomous Driving

Our autonomous robot is built to solve the problem of last mile delivery. We are Southeast Asia's first outdoor autonomous robot startup and the world's first to offer a fully autonomous last-mile delivery solution that combines safe drop and robotics. We consider ourselves to be "the first movers in ASEAN-in-depth technology development."

The TARS robot travels up to 25 km on a single charge with a typical payload of 7-10 kg.


Goal: Reduce Delivery Fee Down to $1

It is possible that robots will support and assist in the following years with tedious and repetitive delivery tasks. They are replacing humans and vehicles that can do the last mile or two with autonomous robots. The end goal is to reduce delivery fee to $1.

Working 24/7. TARS Won't complain.

The robots can be arranged by an intelligent system with written algorithms that effectively deploys the nearest robot to deliver at any time, any scenarios under all weather conditions. TARS robots are also able to transport the goods to a parcel station when consumers are not able to pick up.

Benefits of Delivery Robots


Services We Provide

Homemade cost-effective mobile robotics, technologies and solutions for outdoor and indoor applications

Plug&Play autonomous self-driving hardware components and software modules for enterprise B2B2C solutions

Industrial product and mechanical design for prototyping and production

Integrated complete hardware and software systems for autonomous vehicle and mobile robot design

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